Milonga Pasional in Cambridge

adj. Pasional [pasjo'nal]:

 [Spanish] Of, relating to, or filled with passion - passional

Milonga Pasional in Cambridge by Tangueando


After many years of dancing in London and Cambridge, and a few years of teaching in Cambridge, Flo and Costa decided to establish a milonga with the aim to provide the best possible music for dancing and also bring the soul of Argentine Tango to Cambridge: the Argentine Culture.

Tango is a personal issue for most dancers, but is also a world cultural heritage based on the Argentine and Uruguayan culture of South America, with very strong African and southern European influences. In Pasional we aim to bring this culture into a milonga environment, a southern touch in the northern part of Europe, where we live and dance.

Pasional is a Milonga in Cambridge, UK. It is not, however, just another milonga: Pasional was the first milonga in the world that had a resident DJ (Osvaldo Miranda) DJ-ing and streaming directly from Buenos Aires for an audience 7000 miles away!

On some of the evenings, we have also presented Voz de Tango, a cultural experiment aiming to bridge Europe with Argentina and allow us all to look deeper into the culture behind Tango as we love it.

Pasional is a warm and welcoming milonga with good music, organised by people who love to dance for like-minded people.


Milonga Pasional is on hold from Saturday 7th March 2020 due to Covid-19

Check our calendar for updates and any changes. We usually keep our calendar updated at least 6 months ahead of time.





  • 3 hours of dancing
  • juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea & selection of herbal teas
  • Cakes & nibbles
  • a raffle ticket
  • an inspiring environment, created by dancers, for dancers

Everyone welcome!


St. Augustine's Church,
Richmond Road,
Cambridge, CB4 3PS

If using Google Maps for navigation, search for 'Milonga Pasional'.


Milonga Pasional in Cambridge by Tangueando