Starlit Cambridge 
with Milena Plebs
in Cambridge, by Tangueando

We were very proud to have with us one of the most influential tango dancers and teachers: Milena Plebs.

In her first ever visit in Cambridge, Milena will give two tango master classes aimed at improving both the aesthetic and technical parts of the dance as well as giving us an insight into the research, practice and experimentation that leads to clean, flowing movement.

Have a look at her biography below

Milena Plebs has been our main inspiration to dance tango with her dance and flawless technique (result of decades of hard work), and now will inspire everyone, as she has always inspired us.

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Milena Plebs - Argentine Tango in Cambridge by

Milena Plebs is one of the most renowned Tango dancers and choreographers.

With a solid training, she performed as a dancer with the “Grupo de Danza Contemporánea del Teatro San Martín de Buenos Aires” (Contemporary Dance Group of the San Martín Theatre in Buenos Aires” (1980 -1986) and in “Tango Argentino” by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli - the show that rekindled the presence of tango worldwide (1986 - 1989).

In 1990 Milena Plebs co-founded with Miguel Angel Zotto the Tango x 2 Company which revolutionised the concept of tango show. Milena Plebs and Miguel Angel Zotto have been choreographers, directors, producers and main dancers of the most important tango shows in the history of tango: “Tango X 2”, “Perfumes de Tango” , “Una noche de Tango”.
Their shows toured Europe, USA and Asia. Miguel and Milena were great influence for the young generation in Buenos Aires in the 90s, years of recovery of the tango as dance.

Together with Zotto she created the choreography of the Tango Opera "María de los Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer for the "Houston Grand Opera", produced in 1991.

Also to remember Milena’s choreographies “Romance de Barrio” (1999), Choreographies for Pablo Ziegler’s Concerts in Stavanger in Norway (2001), Choreographies for Centro Piazzolla Tango in Buenos Aires (2003), “Sintonías” (2008) for the Festival Rojas Danza in Buenos Aires, the video documentary directed by Rodrigo Peiretti ”Milena baila el tango... con Ezequiel Farfaro" about the different stages of the creative process.
In 2009 Milena premiered “Tramatango” at the Presidente Alvear Theatre, with the artistic advice of Alejandro Cervera.

In 2011, she choreographed and performed with David Palo "La voz de tus zapatos" inspired by a story by Alberto Ruy Sánchez, directed by Cervera.
Among others: Milena participated in the Tango movies, “Tango, baile nuestro” by Jorge Zanada, the documentary “Tango” by National Geographic with Robert Duvall, “Oratorio a Carlos Gardel“ by Horacio Salgán and Horacio Ferrer, “Flop” by Eduardo Mignogna and ”Assassination Tango” directed and performed by Robert Duvall.

She is awarded Academic Honour of the National Academy of Tango of Argentina. She gives talks and lectures on the evolution of tango dance and gives seminars on various aspects of the social dance and choreography.

In her career she received prestigious awards: "Maria Ruanova Prize 91", the highest award for the Argentine Dance, "Trinidad Guevara Award 1997" for the choreography of "Perfumes de tango" and "Premio Gino Tani 1998" for Dance award in Italy.

Milena is also a columnist for the famous Tango Magazine: ”El Tangauta”.

Milena dedicates her life to teaching in Buenos Aires and around the world and to investigate the origin, history and evolution of the tango dance. Her Master classes are sought after worldwide as she is of of the most iconic figures of Argentine Tango.

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Master classes

Milena will give two master classes on Sunday

6:00 - 7:30pm
TECHNIQUE: Body control and esential elements.
Walks, pivots, giros, embelishments (adornos).
«Técnica para todos: control corporal y elementos esenciales. Caminatas, pivots, giros, adornos.»
All levels
8:00 - 9:30pm
TANGO: The essence of tango: Walking, elegance, and rhythms. The embrace and its mechanism. Sequences.
«TANGO: La esencia del tango: Caminata, elegancia y ritmo. El abrazo y sus mecanismos. Secuencias.»
All levels

Milena Plebs & Sebastian Ariel Jimenez
Vals: «Viejo portón» (1938) by Rodolfo Biagi (singing: Teófilo Ibáñez)

Milena Plebs & Sebastian Achával
Tango: «Rebeldia» by Miguel Caló (singing: Raúl Iriarte)


Each master class: £25

Prices are per person

PLEASE NOTE: Ladies: bring flat shoes as well as high heels.

These master classes are for a strictly limited number of people and can be booked with or without a partner. Partners are *not* required for the technique master class.



Venue for the master classes on Sunday 30 September:

The master classes will take place at our usual Friday teaching space (the same venue as Milonga Pasional - "Magenta" site):

St. Augustine's church, 101 Richmond Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PS




  • If you are booking WITHOUT a partner:

    • please write "NO PARTNER" (or leave empty) the at the "Partner name(s)" field in the form and we will add you to a waiting list so that we can match you with a partner before your booking is final.

    • We make our best effort to match people based on their experience and usually succeed in matching all people on the waiting list.

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Milena Plebs - Tango in Cambridge by