Milonga Double Live Concert
Milonga Live Concert

A not to be missed event exclusively in Palermo, Sicily!
A unique opportunity to experience Argentine Tango music played live by a contemporary tango orchestra.

La Juan D'Arienzo
+ Los Milonguitas

 22 October 2017   PALERMO

The ten-piece orchestra, La Juan D'Arienzo, famous in all the milongas of Buenos Aires and around the world will be in Palermo for a massive milonga and DOUBLE LIVE CONCERT also introducing the fastest rising tango trio from Argentina: "Los Milonguitas"!

Don't miss out!

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SICILIANO IN SICILY - La Juan D'Arienzo & Los Milonguitas in PALERMO. Photos by André Lichtenberg
Event Details

Easy to reach by road

Via E90 (Palermo )

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PALERMO (venue T.B.A.)


Organiser: Tangueando

About the Event & the Organiser

This will be a unique experience for tango addicts who love dancing to the music of Juan D'Arienzo and not only!

Tangueando is an Argentine Tango Dance School and events organiser based in Cambridge.

Our goal is to spread knowledge and understanding of Argentine Tango and the culture behind it, so that its rich cultural heritage can be better understood. In this way, through the music and dance of Tango, we hope to build a cultural bridge between the UK and Argentina and connect with each-other within the tango embrace.

Since our tango adventure started in Palermo this event is the culmination of a decade-long dream. Join us and enjoy a great night of dancing to the best Argentine Tango music available to dance live to: Orquesta Tipica La Juan D'arienzo & Los Milonguitas. 6 hours of dancing of which 3 to live music!

Orchestra: La Juan D'Arienzo - Photo by Andrea Pichel - publicity for 'Cortando Clavos'

La Juan D'Arienzo

La Juan D'Arienzo Tango Orchestra comprises an exciting new generation of tango musicians and was formed in 2012 with the aim of keeping alive the unmistakable style of the composer Juan D'Arienzo.

It is also the only tango orchestra which owns the original scores of Juan D'Arienzo (through his grandson, the leader of Orquesta Tipica La Juan D'Arienzo) and which stays true to the Juan D'Arienzo style.

Tango Trio: Los Milonguitas

Los Milonguitas

Los Milonguitas are a tango trio with the a clear target: they want to make everyone dance and fill the dance floor!

Influenced by the great orchestras of the Golden Age (Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Caló), they have adapted some of their versions to the trio fulfilling the interpretative needs of the milongueros, true protagonists of the dance. They also have created their own repertoire.

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