Friday 5th – Sunday 7th
& Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th of July 2013

Facundo de la Cruz & Paola Sanz

9 workshops of Tango de Salon & performance at Milonga Pasional
Facundo and Paola are the Tango Salon World Champions of 2012.
A young emerging couple with a lot of talent, determination and experience in teaching. Their passion and the clean moves in which they express it is what creates the buzz around them.
Facundo de la Cruz & Paola Sanz
9 workshops
over 5 days
over 2 weekends
5 Tango Salon workshops
Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and 13th
2 Vals Workshops
Sunday 7th and 14th
2 Milonga workshops
Sunday 7th and 14th
@ Milonga Pasional
on Saturday 7th July 2013

Facundo & Paola are talented representatives of a generation of young dancers who are dedicated to the art and tradition of salon tango. Hailing from the provinces of Cordoba and Chubut, they have honed their dance for more than 10 years, 4 of which have been together. Their independent exploration of the essence of tango salon, elegance, connection, and musicality, has allowed them to create a dance product that is unique yet traditional.

After gaining various titles in recognition of their talent in a few competitions in Argentina, they moved to Buenos Aires last year to take part in the thriving environment of the tango capital. They have been met with welcome, giving classes (El Beso, and La Nacional) and exhibitions in various milongas (La Viruta, Gricel, Villa Malcolm, Porteno y Bailarin, La Nacional, La Milonga del Patio, and El Viejo Correo, Sunderland).

In July 2011, Facundo & Paola were selected as winners in Tango Salon and Milonga by a unanimous vote by the judges Osvaldo and Coca, Roberto Herrera and Lorena Goldestein, Jorge Garcia and Susanna Soar, and Gabriel Glagovsky and Rui Saito in the Festival Nacional de Tango Salon.

In May 2012 they were awarded 1st prize in the Vals category in the annual Metropolitano championship, in which all of young and upcoming Buenos Aires talent compete in various milongas in Buenos Aires. They also placed 3rd and 4th in Milonga and Tango, ending up as the only couple to place in all three categories.

Later the same year, in August 2012, Facundo and Paola were awarded the title of World Champions of Tango Salon at the 10th World Tango Championship, judged by Maria Nieves, Olga Besio, Aurora Lubiz, Julio Balmaceda, Julio Duplaa & Javier Rodriguez.

As a consequence of the recognition they achieved, Facundo & Paola decided to bring their talent abroad.

Join them as Facundo prepares to share his crisp enrosques and sharp syncopations, and Paola her delicate and elegant footwork.


Facundo & Paola gave a series of workshops over two consecutive weekends.

These workshops are designed by the couple as progressive, in order to give maximum input to all participants, regardless of their experience.

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Facundo de la Cruz and Paola Sanz
Facundo de la Cruz & Paola Sanz in Cambridge — July 2013 — Schedule
Day 1 — Friday 5th July 7:00–8:30pm
Tango Salon 1
Elegance and technique. Embrace: how to connect quickly, fundamental opposites and control of basic movements.
"Elegancia y técnica. Abrazo: Como conectarse rápidamente, Opuestos fundamentales, control de movimientos básicos"
Tango Salon 2
Turns and enrosques (with special enrosques for the woman)
"Giros y enrosques (con enrosques especiales para la mujer)"
Day 2 — Saturday 6th July 7:00–8:30pm
Tango Salon 3
Musicality: dancing to different orchestras
"Musicalidad: bailar orquestas distintas"
Performance @ milonga Pasional
Day 3 — Sunday 7th July
VENUE: Colours of Dance studios - 182 Histon Road, Cambridge CB4 3JP
Vals 1
Exploring the musicality in the rhythm of Vals using
different dynamics and turns
"Explorando la musicalidad en el ritmo del vals usando diferentes dinámicas y giros"
Milonga 1
"Cadencia y ritmo de milonga lisa, fraseo y pausas, los pasos de la diversión para pista de baile"
Day 4 — Saturday 13th July 4:30–6:00pm
Tango Salon 4
Techinique and speed in turns and enrosques - different intensity of movements
"Técnica y velocidad en giros y enrosques - diferentes intensidades de movimientos"
Tango Salon 5
Sacadas and barridas, linear and circular oriented
at the line of the dance
"Sacadas y barridas, lineales y circulares orientadas
en la linea de baile"
Day 5 — Sunday 14th July 3:30–5:00pm
Vals 2
Circular and chained movements
"Movimiento circular y encadenado"
Milonga 2
Playing with changes of weight and embellishments
in double time
"Jugando con los cambios de peso y los adornos
en contratiempo"
Facundo de la Cruz and Paola Sanz


The workshops will take place at the same venue as Milonga Pasional:

St. Augustine's church, Richmond Road, Cambridge, CB4 3PS