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Tangueando Argentine Tango School in Cambridge runs regular courses throughout the year for absolute beginners, beginners and improvers. New courses start with every academic term and are normally 11 or 12 weeks long. To book a place on our courses, complete and submit the registration form on this page.

We are running courses every term and although each course is self-contained, the consecutive courses are also progressive for students that have taken a course in the previous term(s). Some of our students have been studying with us for years. Others have taken courses in the past and re-join after a break.

Our aim is to follow our students throughout their learning curve, the same way our teachers followed (and are still following) us, helping and guiding each individual to progress on their own pace.

Juan Manuel Acosta & Majo Caballero - November/December 2018

Special Winter Term - November–December 2018
Course Availability

An Introduction to Argentine Tango (Sundays*) shoe_absolute_beginner.png CAMBRIDGE
Fundamentals of Argentine Tango (Fridays) shoe_beginner.png CAMBRIDGE
A closer look at Argentine Tango (Fridays) shoe_improver.png CAMBRIDGE
SPECIAL COURSE: «Technique of elements for Tango, Milonga, Vals
+ Tools for Milonga and Vals.» (Tuesdays)
shoe_improver.png CAMBRIDGE
5 Weeks (16 November–14 December)
5 Weeks (18 November–9 December*) [*Starts on Friday 16 November]
PLEASE NOTE: The first class will take place on Friday 16 November instead, at a different venue (St. Augustine's).
Please check our calendar for details.
Tuesdays: 5 Weeks (13 November–11 December)

Tango can be a lot of fun, as it mixes recreation with social functions and play with self-discovery. 

Although learning tango can be a long process, people can start dancing fairly quickly and the whole process is well worth the effort. There are many factors that influence the learning curve in tango (and every physical activity):

  • Commitment / focus
  • Amount of practice
  • Personal expectations
  • Patience, perseverance and humility
  • Actual passage of time
  • Postural/muscular/skeletal condition / Level of body knowledge

The only thing we ask for is commitment to learn. All the rest comes with time.

Due to high demand on our courses, numbers of students for each course are limited and registrations are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

The courses are designed to be followed from the beginning to the end, so that the courses progress smoothly.

By registering for a course, you are showing your intent to commit and we will therefore reserve a place for you. Students dropping-in are always welcome.

Your registration will be complete when we receive full payment for the current term.

Fees at a glance

(5-week short courses - Special Winter Term 2018)

Drop-in fee £20 per class (1½ hour)
Term rates Regular Student* Concessions
Fees £90
Equivalent per class £18    
Savings 10%    
Discounts + at least 10% off workshops

All our classes can be attended on a drop-in basis at the drop-in rate above, which applies to everyone and is the base fee per class. Classes are 1½ hour each.

As a dance school, we strongly encourage all our students to book a full term (paid up-front) and we provide many different types of discounts, accommodating for students, unemployed and those over 60's as well as for people who live far away and need to travel. When someone books a course, we give at least 10% discount for workshops and seminars with visiting teachers and we also give the opportunity to attend another class within the term if one misses a class for whatever reason.

On top of all these benefits, all our enrolled students get a £1 discount on our regular practica and can also benefit from a £5 discount on private classes.

* Students = Students in full-time education (not working) - We expect to see proof of enrollment
† Concessions = Unemployed & over 60's 

Course registration & booking form

(Special Winter Term 2018)

Registration is mandatory. All payments must be made in advance or at the first lesson of the term. We accept payments by cash, cheque and bank transfer (bank details will be emailed after booking).

Full-term Tangueando students are entitled to various benefits:

  • Reduced price as well as access to suggestions and guidance at the Tangueando practica on Sunday
  • Reduced prices for private lessons
  • 10% (or more) discount on all extra workshops!

 Students fully enrolled at the current term on one of the Tango or Technique courses (i.e. not on a drop-in basis).

For this term there is no catch-up policy for missed classes since all term courses are run as a series of special workshops.

Students can still join a term AFTER it has started. These cases will be dealt with at an ad-hoc basis, depending on which point in the term this occurs.

Course fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Please note: Course benefits (e.g. discount rates) are non-cumulative.


Terms updated for Special Winter term 2018

Privacy policy: Details entered in this form will only be used by to communicate with you and will not be given, sold or otherwise made known to any third party.