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Tangueando runs Argentine Tango classes every week, throughout the year, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Classes follow the University academic terms. Between these terms we continues to run classes, except for the Christmas and New Year's holiday break.

The school runs classes in two different venues:
SATURDAYS - SUNDAYS - Havers Community Centre at 1 Knights Row, CM23 3GR, Bishop's Stortford
FRIDAYS - St. Augustine's (same venue as Milonga Pasional) at 101 Richmond Road, CB4 3PS

DROP-IN: All our classes can be attended at a drop-in basis, at the drop-in rate. Please refer to our Fees at a glance table.

Saturday - Sunday
Absolute beginners (Shoe image: Sandal)
Absolute beginners
@ Havers Community Centre - BISHOP'S STORTFORD
Absolute beginners (Shoe image: Sandal)
Tango: Absolute Beginners
@ St. Augustine's - CAMBRIDGE
Beginners (Shoe image: Mid-heel)

Tango: Beginners
@ St. Augustine's - CAMBRIDGE

Improvers (Shoe image: Winged heels)
Tango: Improvers
@ St. Augustine's - CAMBRIDGE


Tangueando - Argentine Tango Dance Courses

Click on a course to expand the details section and to register.
Absolute beginners (Shoe image: Sandal)Click for more info and registrationsAn Introduction to Argentine Tango by
Absolute beginners
(and anyone who wishes to revisit the fundamentals of tango)
An introduction to Argentine Tango
«Tango fundamentals & basic technique»
March-April : 13, 20, 27 March; 3, 17, 24 April @ 7:00–8:30pm
Beginners (Shoe image: Mid-heel)Click for more info and registrationsFundamentals of Argentine Tango by
(up to 1 year of dancing experience)
Fundamentals of Argentine Tango
«The gem cannot be polished without friction»
March-April: 13, 20, 27 March; 3, 17, 24 April @ 7:00–8:30pm
Improvers (Shoe image: Winged heels)Click for more info and registrationsA closer look at Argentine Tango by
(minimum 1 year of tango dancing experience required)
A closer look at Argentine Tango
«Connection => creativity»
March-April: 13, 20, 27 March; 3, 17, 24 April @ 9:00–10:30pm
Technique and Conditioning (Photo of professional Argentine Tango stage dancer Juan Manuel Acosta balancing on one leg)Click for more info and registrationsAn Introduction to Argentine Tango by
Absolute Beginners Course - Bishop's Stortford
An introduction to Argentine Tango
Some Saturdays and Some Sundays
March-April: 8, 14, 22, 28 March; 5, 26 April @ 4:30–5:45pm
If you are unsure which course would best suit your level or have any questions about our courses, please contact us.
'Vitruvian man' by Leonardo da Vinci

Private lessons are the ideal way to learn at your own pace and improve on specific aspects of the dance or to work on a specific issue. We offer private lessons to individuals and couples at any level of experience as one-off's or as long-term supplements to regular classes. We also offer discounts for block bookings of 5 or more lessons as well as special discounts for all our regular students.

Private lessons can also make an original and inspiring gift for individuals and couples.

For more information and to book private lessons please get in touch by phone on 07511 685545 or fill in our contact form to discuss details.


Our Sunday practica is the best place to practice what you've learnt in a friendly, stress-free environment, together with fellow dancers eager to practice and improve their skills. The instructors are available to guide students that are enrolled on a Tangueando course.

The is also a great opportunity to listen to tango music: «Practicando» is known for the great and varied selection of tango, vals & milonga from early versions to contemporary orchestras.

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